Rustic Rest Cabins is all about rest and relaxation with friends and family! We have a passion to see people restored to a place of peace and balance in their lives. We believe time away from it all at a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina is a perfect way to unwind and disconnect from it all!

Our Mission

To provide a place of rest to those who are weary and peace to those who are anguished. Our aspiration is for people from all walks of life to experience peace in their lives. We fully believe in rest and rejuvenation as being great for the mind, body, and spirit. Read More about our “Heart of the Hive”.

Our Family

Sarah enjoys creating art, serving in the kids ministry at our church, and hiking while Brian enjoys photography, woodworking, hiking, and anything outdoors. We absolutely love being on Fontana Lake, mountain biking at Tsali, and hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our quaint little small town of Bryson City NC provides just enough to do while maintaining a relaxing Smoky Mountain experience!

Our Journey

Our journey to the Smoky Mountains began back In 2011. We took a road trip and ended up in the Bryson City NC area of North Carolina. We found this place to be beautiful, relaxing, and naturally peaceful. Not only was it peaceful but it was full of outdoor adventure! The views while on Fontana Lake were amazing! Rock Jumps into crystal clear mountain water, The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Fishing, Whitewater Rafting, Zip lines, Tail of the Dragon, Golf; what can beat that? We also enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains National Park being so easily accessible! Another year went by and a friends and family trip was planned to the same area to share this experience with others. Everyone agreed this place was marvelous and full of rest and relaxation for the mind and body. It was a place to rejuvenate ourselves and to be ready for the coming months in our busy cultures. Another trip was planned immediately and the love and affection for the Bryson City NC area and sharing this peaceful encounter with others would continue.

Our Heart

The “Heart of the Hive” is our concept that people from all walks of life should experience peace and rest in their lives. Our desire is that we can give back to those in the greatest need of rest, whomever that may be. From underpaid teachers who are raising up and educating the next generation in a defunded, stressful school environment to a young military family who is struggling to regain traction and normalcy when returning home from tour. What about those who are always taking care of others like parents of kids with special needs or a husband and wife battling a lifelong disease together. Other examples can include human trafficking and domestic violence recovery group leaders, pastors of small churches who may feel burnt out, etc. Have you noticed a theme? We want to take care of and provide rest and rejuvenation to those who are consistently pouring themselves into others. This line of work can be fulfilling, yet draining on the soul at the same time. We will be vigilant in our surrounding communities and also rely our on our guests to send us leads of families who may be in need of and enjoy this type of rest. This creates a strong partnership and allows both The Hive Lodge and our guests a unique opportunity to partner together and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Our Favorite Things to Do

Large Group and Family Retreats