Quality Property Management Consultants

Have you been thinking about renting your vacation home or begin your dreams of owning an investment property? Let us assist you in your startup! My name is Brian and I can assist you with the tools you will need to get started in a rapidly evolving market. Our quality property management consulting can save you time, money, and some of the frustrations that starting out in the industry can throw at you. Don't worry, you can manage this new venture on your own without paying huge annual fees to traditional Real Estate Companies. All you need is a little assistance to get you on the right track!

Why would you need a service such as this? It's all about experience and resources. Below are some of the most common problems people face who are brand new to investment and vacation rental property management.

  • Frustration!
    Many owners become so frustrated during the first year they hand over control to a property management company.
  • Too Little Web Presence!
    A lack of time, knowledge, and desire to cement presence on the web.
  • Attention to the Proper Details!
    Trust me I see it everyday! Not enough attention is given to the proper details and important aspects such as the property itself.
  • Branding and Design
    Too little time is spent in the branding and design stage resulting in a waste of time at a later date. You must have a cohesive brand from the beginning to have a fast startup!
  • Listing SItes?
    This is another aspect that confuses a lot of people and can result in wasting tons of time and money.

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A Preview of Our Property Management Consulting Package


A staple of quality property management is having a proper brand. You will need to think of your new venture the same way you would any other business to be successful. You will need a consistent brand across the web, social media, and in your town or destination. What used to be an innovative approach is now a must have to compete in the vacation rental industry. It is key to your success! There are so many variables that you will need to consider up front to save yourself time and money. Let us share from our experiences to make your life easier!

Website Design

If you think you will only list your site on big box sites like VRBO or Trip Advisor you are mistaken. Your entrepreneurial adventures will need a property management website to convey your brand, take reservations, and allow guests to find your listing. A short term vacation rental without a website is missing potential guests and leaving money on the table! Sadly there are tens of thousands of vacation rental owners and managers who still do not have a website to promote their property!

Optimized Listing

Complete property management for your short term vacation rental will need to include an optimized and consistent listing across the web. This includes listing sites, social media, search engines, etc. This also includes your property headlines, optimized verbiage, photos, and rental agreements. Our services will help you check-off everything you will need to get up and running with a high quality listing as quickly as possible. It will save you time, headaches, and money. We would love the opportunity to assist you with a fast start-up to quality property management!

Fast Start-Up

Quality property management takes time, patience, and experience. One way to have a quicker return on investment is to learn from the experience of others. If there is one thing we have learned it's that you don't have to do this on your own! Our knowledge, successes, failures, and experiences in short term vacation rentals can absolutely assist you in a fast start-up! This will include equipping your rental property correctly. We will assist you in designing the interior/exterior in such a way that is fitting for your potential guests. Everything will need to be thought out during the branding stage to ensure the look and feel of your property meets your goals and the expectations of your potential guests.


Property management costs is a common topic on the web today. Revenue goals, expenses for a short term rental, listing costs, and how to properly price a property are just a few things you will have to take into consideration. We can give you real insight from our own experiences in order to set you up for success in your new venture. We can also provide you with some of the best resources that we have found on the web. Remember, just because it's on the internet does not necessarily make it true:)

Design & Logistics

When it comes to quality property management attention to assets and limiting the possibility of losing assets is a real concern. This is especially true when it comes to short term vacation rentals. There are logistical concerns that will have to be thought through in advance and throughout they staging process. This applies to the interior design as well as rental agreements and house rules. Missing this critical part of the set-up process will definitely cause you headaches, frustrations, and eventually cost you money.

We would love the opportunity to assist you in your new venture. Feel free to fill out the contact form and we will be in touch shortly!

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