COVID-19 Coronavirus Response and Preparations


In February of 2020 we began taking extra measures to ensure our property is cleaned and disinfected after each stay. In light of the recent outbreaks in COVID-19(Coronavirus), we are continuing to follow CDC guidelines as a precautionary measures to ensure we provide the best and healthiest experience for our guests. In addition to our normal cleaning routine all doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, faucet handles, and other highly touched items are being sanitized and disinfected. As supplies last we are utilizing hydrogen peroxide, pure alcohol, but we may have to utilize harsher chemicals such as Lysol and such when necessary. Disinfectant wipes are also available for guests to use as needed to assist in disinfecting if available. Please take extra precautions by washing your hands frequently and feel free to assist us by utilizing sanitary wipes on the same high risk, highly touched areas.  We are also blocking off a minimum of 24 hours between most bookings to allow a natural dying off of germs and bacteria. This provides a safer cleaning environment for our housekeepers and ensures a more disinfected space for the next guests checking-in. Many people have a desire to come to the mountains and experience the healing powers that we all need. We take seriously the health and well-being of our housekeepers, guests, and humanity in general without causing panic or overreacting. We Look forward to hosting you and providing rest and rejuvenation in the Smoky Mountains!

Normal Cleaning Processes 

Many of our guests love the fact that being privately owned, we have a better level of control over our property.  My wife Sarah and I manage the property ourselves and therefore control cleaning products that are used in the home.  Our goal is(was ha) to have as chemical free environment as possible.  We proudly use Mrs. Meyers products, hydrogen peroxide based(bleach free) toilet bowl cleaner, Paya Organics sustainable, eco-friendly, paraben free naturally derived body wash and shampoo, and 100% natural essential oils for our cabin’s signature scent. Bleached is also used in the white linens as little as possible, usually at the commercial cleaners as needed. We are now having to utilize stronger disinfectants until further notice to ensure we are following CDC guidelines in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Other Differences

  • All highly trafficked, highly touched areas such as light switches, door knobs, etc are being disinfected.
  • Although not how COVID-19 is mainly transmitted, we already use a steam mop to assist with disinfecting all hard surface flooring.
  • Windows and doors will be opened during cleaning to allow fresh air into the cabin.
  • You may see a slight residue on light switches or darker surfaces if Peroxide was used as the disinfectant.
  • We changed our check-out instructions for guests slightly. We now ask you to place your bed sheets and white linens in the appropriate white linen bags upon departure. We never liked this as you are our guests on vacation but its a small, highly recommended step from the CDC guidelines.
  • You may notice less pillows on the couches and chairs for the foreseeable future. 
  • All linens need to be placed in designated laundry bags upon departure. This is a CDC guideline to prevent airborne particles form infecting housekeeping staff.

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