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Valley Views Cabin Information

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Please note that this page contains very important information regarding your cabin rental. It has answers to most questions you will have leading up to your stay with us, the entire house manual for reference, as well as links to our extensive area guide and local favorite things to do!

Welcome and Thank You!

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Owner Contact Info

Please contact Brian first

  • Brian Whitener
    828-513-0767 or 828-455-1909
  • Sarah Whitener

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in: 4pm

Check-out: 10am

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Check-In time is 4pm on the day of arrival and Check-Out is 10am on the day of departure. We often have same day bookings throughout the year so please be courteous to ensure proper cleaning time. Early check-in without prior approval is not allowed. This is by law considered trespassing and may result in a loss of deposit as well as eviction with no refund. We will contact you via text message if there is opportunity to check-in early. We do ask for a courtesy text or email upon check-out as well.

Guest Entry

There is an electronic keypad code to access the cabin. Your code will be sent to your email address on file two days prior to your arrival for safety and guest privacy reasons.


The property address and directions can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Occupancy & Access

    Eight (8), per our local lodging license, fire code and house rules. The maximum number of guests allowed at the dwelling is the number agreed upon at the time of booking. Anything above this number is by law considered trespassing and by definition a "party" or “event”. There is to be no PARTIES or EVENTS what-so-ever and violation of this rule as laid out in the rental agreement, Airbnb House Rules Section will be subject to immediate eviction and loss of the security deposit. This includes all children and infants. Should you have any guests over the maximum occupancy there will be a $50 per person per night charge for the total number of nights booked and/or possible loss of deposit and immediate eviction. Prior approval must be given in advance for additional guests to be on the property. Any number of persons above the total maximum occupancy number will immediately be asked to leave the property.

  • Unregistered Guests

    Not permitted per lodging laws. The maximum number of guests allowed at the dwelling is the number agreed upon at the time of booking. Prior approval must be given in advance for additional guests to be on the property. Should you not register all guests, we may not be able to check you in, your check-in may be delayed, and/or additional charges may apply. Any number of guests above the agreed upon amount at the time of booking will incur a charge of $25 per person per night for the total number of nights booked. We may also require the additional guests to leave, and/or cancel your stay without refund. Adjustments to occupancy can be made up to several days prior to check-in.
  • Pets

    Pets- well behaved, house trained dogs are permitted with prior consent. We charge $30 per pet. We have a maximum of two pets. We prefer the pets live together or are used to being around each other. If booking through Airbnb, the pet fee will be sent through the resolution center roughly 14 days prior to check-in. No excessive barking and no running around off the property without a leash. When guests leave the cabin we prefer the dog be kenneled due to our policy of pets not being allowed on any piece of furniture. Pets cannot be allowed to wonder down to any neighboring property for child safety. Pet’s should be housebroken and any stains, puddles, or smells of urine or other waste will result in a loss of security deposit. We have a strict policy that pets are not allowed on any furniture whatsoever. Service animals are allowed under federal and NC state Law. North Carolina law does not classify emotional support dogs as service animals. The pet fee and rules apply to emotional support dogs. Guests will be held responsible for any damages caused by your pet or service animal. Any unauthorized pet caught on property will result in a $100 loss of security deposit.
  • Furniture & Bedding

    Furniture and bedding should NOT be moved for any reason with the exception of the chairs around the fire pit. From experience this results in damage and extra cleanup our housekeepers may or may be able to perform. Do not allow kids to jump on the beds and things of that nature. There is to be NO sleeping on the couches. This creates an unsanitary environment for future guests and can cause major issues with the guest checking-in after your stay. We have the correct number of beds/persons ratio to allow for our maximum occupancy. This will result in a $200 extra cleaning fee for any couch that is slept on or large pieces of furniture/bedding that is moved around. Additional charges for soiled or stained furniture or bedding can also result if needed.
  • Linens, Towels, Toiletries

    Linens and towels are provided for your stay along with basic toiletries such as one roll of toilet paper per bathroom, one roll of paper towels, and dish soap. We provide the proper amount of towels, wash cloths, bed linens, blankets, and two pillows per queen bed. Please place used bath towels and wash cloths in the laundry baskets. Please do not wash the linens, that is a service we provide for our guests. Please note there are no extra blankets or linens at the cabin for sanitary and logistical reasons upon departure.
  • Hot Tub

    Please follow all rules pertaining to the hot tub. Please note dirty hot tub water from failing to comply with Hot Tub instructions will result in the loss of up to your entire deposit. Before entering the hot tub you MUST shower and have no oils and lotions on your body. The Bromine feeder that is floating around MUST remain in the hot tub at all times. Maximum of 4 persons at a time in the hot tub and do not sit or place anything on the hot tub cover. Important: anyone under the age of 14 years old is NOT to be in the Hot Tub. Replace Hot Tub cover immediately after use. Note that the hot tub will run to heat back up as well. The Hot Tub should operate at a temperature between 99 and 104 degrees. Changing the Hot Tub below this temperature will result in unsanitary water that will have to be drained. There should be no food, drinks, smoking, etc in the hot tub.  Please use the handrail and ropes when entering and exiting the tub.

    The Hot Tub cover should not ever be on the ground. From the front of the Hot Tub fold the cover back in half. Next lean the cover against the cabin rock and window. Replace cover promptly after use.  Please use caution when using the hot tub and feel free to call if any questions arise. See Guest Info Page or House Manual for details on how to use the hot tub.
    To turn on the jets locate the control panel and press Jets 1 once and Aux once.  This turns on relaxation mode.  To increase power to the jets press the same Jets 1 and Aux buttons a second time.  To turn the jets off simply press the buttons again.  Press Lights once for a random light show.  Press Lights over and over to scroll through the different color options. There should be no food, drinks, smoking, etc in the hot tub.

Giving Back!

The Hive Lodge Logo inspired by a bee hive hanging on a branch in the Great Smoky Mountains
At Rustic Rest we have a broader mission to provide a restorative experience to larger groups and to those who are in the greatest need of rest and rejuvenation. This mission is the purpose behind everything we do.  It establishes a lasting and deep partnership with our guests.   Please check out our  About page for more details regarding the Hive Lodge and our "Heart of the Hive" mission. 

House Manual & Additional Cabin Info

On the Way In

The closest grocery stores are located in Bryson City and Cherokee. Even though the cabin is private and secluded you are not actually remote. There is a Food Lion in Cherokee and an Ingles in Bryson City. Both are around 10-15 minutes away from the cabin. There are also many convenient stores that sell bundles of firewood and other items you may need.

Check-Out Instructions

Please give us a text upon check-out to let us know you have vacated the premises.

Cell Signal

Cellular signal can be spotty in Western NC, especially in our Smoky Mountains area. Verizon will work in most places as well as US cellular. Most US based carriers will work at the dwelling. Service will be very limited if any inside of the national park.


Valley Views Guest
Password: rusticrest

The WIFI at the cabin will be slow, mountain WIFI, inconsistent satellite internet, or in some cases just a wireless card from Verizon. Please have reasonable expectations for the internet ahead of time. We are not really equipped in this area for streaming or higher end tech devices whatsoever. What a better way to enjoy the Smokies! Regardless it is there for when it's needed especially for making calls or text for our international guests.

Parking & Extra Vehicles

People love this area for its seclusion, privacy, and peaceful mountain escape. With many roads in the area gravel, including the residential roads to the cabin, we must limit the number of vehicles as well as any extras. We have a maximum of four(4) vehicles that should be at the dwelling. Please ensure carpooling to limit traffic to the dwelling. Motorcycles, campers, or trailers of any kind are not permitted without prior approval. Side by sides, 4-wheel vehicles of any kind are also not permitted on the property. There are noise issues and liability issues with this type of activity.

Cab, Shuttle, and Uber

Pool Table

No leaning or standing on the pool table. No jump shots on the pool table please. The short pool cue is only for tight shots against the wall. Do not place drinks and other items directly on the pool table. Guest are responsible for broken pool cues, spills and stains, or tears and rips in the pool table felt which will result in a replacement.


The cabin and deck or porch areas are all non-smoking areas. There can be absolutely no smoking or vaping inside the dwelling whatsoever. If absolutely needed please smoke only by the fire-pit or designated smoking area. Guests are also responsible for picking up their own butts. There will be extra cleaning fees associated with cigarette butts($25 per cigarette) around the property or ashes on the deck areas.

Dishes & Dish Washer

Dish washing liquid is located under the sink as well as a fresh cleaning towel. Dish detergent packs for the dishwasher are under the sink for you to use as needed longer stays. Please load the dishwasher upon check-out and feel free to start it as well.

Heating and Cooling

The heat and AC can be set to your desired temperatures between the ranges posted at the cabin(68 degrees-74 degrees). The windows and doors should NOT be left opened while Heating/AC is on(no different from what you expect at your own house we do not want to heat and cool the outside). From November 1st through April 1st no windows should be opened whatsoever in the cabin. Failure to comply with this house rule will result in a loss of security deposit and possible eviction.

TV and Remote Control

You will find DirectTV satellite service at the cabin. PPV or other items should not be ordered without owner permission. Please note internet is not strong enough for streaming services through a television.

Security Cameras

There are two security cameras on the property with one located on the front door and the other fixed away from the house towards the driveway. This is mainly for off-season security, and to control party crowds. This is in no way is to infringe upon privacy. There are no cameras inside the dwelling. Any attempts to remove the cameras or turn them off can result in immediate eviction.

Infants and Kids

Whats provided?

  • One Crib and bed sheet
  • One High Chair
  • Kids Utensils and Cups
Kids love the Hive! However, please keep an eye on your kids at the lodge. This is a very natural environment and we do have Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Bears, and other semi-dangerous animals. Playing in the small creeks beside the lodge during the Summer months is not recommended for that reason.

Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

Guests will be provided 1 paper towel roll as well as 1 toilet paper roll per bathroom. Longer stays and those needing more toiletries will need to bring extra. With the current national crisis stores in our area will not have these items so you will want to plan accordingly.


Ok we have to address one of the most important things…coffee! You will find a common drip coffee maker at the cabin with filters supplied. Coffee is a must on the deck in the morning!

Indoor Fireplace

The fireplace will be automatically turned on when the weather cools enough. This is roughly between October and the end of March each year for guest enjoyment. Use one of the desired timer settings for the fireplace. The fireplace fan can also be turned on while the fireplace is in use only. Fireplace should not be left on without supervision. Any tampering or rule violation will result in a loss of deposit and can lead to immediate eviction.

Kitchen and Utensils

You will find most common kitchen items such as pots, pans, kitchenware, utensils, etc. There is also a crockpot, blender, and other basic items. Specialty items for cooking should be brought along if needed.

Grill and BBQ

There is a park style charcoal grill at the cabin. See "On the way in" section for the closest grocery and convenient stores. Please discard hot coals in the metal bucket and dump as necessary.

Fire Pit

There are places to purchase bundles of firewood at just about every gas station, grocery store, and everything in between in the area.  Many guests also use sticks, twigs, and such from around the property which is also perfectly fine with us.  We are in a class 10 fire district so there should be no Bon-fires or fires burned out of the fire ring. Keep in mind that wood cannot be taken from or to anywhere in Cherokee or inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and transported unless its labeled as kiln dried.


There is a washing machine and dryer downstairs for our guests staying longer durations. Please use the detergent at the cabin or feel free to utilize your own. The washing machine door/lid should be left open upon the completion of the laundry. Please do not wash laundry upon check-out. Rather, place laundry in the correctly tables bins per CDC guidance.

Extra Cleaning Fees

There will be an extra cleaning fee assessed to the Guest by the Owner if needed for any additional cleanings steps necessary beyond normal sanitary wipe downs, sweeping, mopping, making of the beds, linen laundry, etc. Extra cleaning fees assessments include but are not limited to pet hair on the furniture; vomit; excrement; foreign residues on counters, floors, or appliances; and spills on the furniture, carpet, or pool table. Housekeeping services do NOT include washing of pots and pans, dirt and stains in the carpet, food spills and excessive crumbs on the counters or floors, stained towels or linens, cigarette butts or ashes on the decks and around the property. Guests will be charged $125 per hour for extra cleaning and possible loss of entire deposit at the owner’s discretion.

Makeup Removal & Linens

Please note the white wash cloths and bath towels as well as the hand towels should not be used for anything other than a normal showers and drying of hands. Makeup stains wash cloths and bath towels. We provide disposable makeup and facial removal wipes that are paraben and chemical free for your convenience. Many makeup products will also contain bleach and ruin the gray or tan hand towels. White towels should also not be used to clean shoes, spills, etc. There will be a $30 charge for any white bath towel, $15 for any hand towel, and $10 for any wash cloth, with dirt stains, colored residue, makeup stains, etc.

Trash and Garbage

Please place garbage in the garbage containers beside the building in the garbage cans. Bagged trash ONLY as there is no city trash pickup here. Garbage is usually picked up on Thursday.

Dining Room & Additional Chiars

The dining room table holds 4 persons. For guests with 6 to 8 and needing to have a family meal there is a fold out table and chairs located in the downstairs laundry room. Additional table cloths are located in the second drawer below the coffee mugs.

Christmas Decor

Christmas decor will be in place for our Polar Express and Holiday guests:) This usually happens the first weekend in November. Partial decor or outdoor decorations may begin being placed the week prior. Lighting or Christmas decor should not be altered, removed, moved, or tampered with for any reason without prior approval. All outdoor lighting is on a timer and should not be tampered with without prior approval. Failure to comply with this house rules will result in a loss of deposit and possible eviction.

Inclement Weather

Weather in the mountains can change drastically. This means thunderstorms in the Summer months and the possibility of snow in the winter months. Certain times of the year, mainly, January through March, there will always be the threat of snow. However, most of the time it’s only flurries and/or nothing actually occurs due to our warmer climate. Please keep in mind many guests book with the hopes of seeing snow or would love the opportunity to get “snowed in” and since that can certainly happen for a day or two guests should be prepared for such events when inclement weather arises. No refunds will be given due to power blackouts, water shortage or temporary outages, snow, construction at adjacent properties, or mandatory evacuations of the area by county officials due to hurricanes or other potentially dangerous situations arising from acts of god or nature. We will hold funds for a future stay with us and/or look at cancellations on a case by case basis. At the time this was written we have never had to cancel a reservation for snow or inclement weather in several years.

Bear Country

Known more for being pests and sightings are abnormal; please remember bears are in the area. Do not leave food in your vehicle or outside areas. There are also other wild animals in the area such as Elk, Coyote, etc that have potential to be dangerous. Always keep a watch on children and keep a safe distance from any wild animals. The recommended safe distance is at least 50 yards from bear and Elk.

Giving Back!

The Hive Lodge Logo inspired by a bee hive hanging on a branch in the Great Smoky Mountains
At Rustic Rest we have a broader mission to provide a restorative experience to larger groups and to those who are in the greatest need of rest and rejuvenation. This mission is the purpose behind everything we do.  It establishes a lasting and deep partnership with our guests.   Please check out our  About page for more details regarding the Hive Lodge and our "Heart of the Hive" mission. 

Our Recomended Things to Do!

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Physical Address

Mountain Roads and Speed Limit

The road leading up to the cabin is a single lane gravel road with many places to pull to the side in the event of oncoming traffic.  Maintaining a consistent speed is the best approach on any inclined mountain road. Please note 4 wheel drive is NOT needed to get to the cabin unless in the unlikely event there is snow on the ground. There is a very strict speed limit of 10mph in the community. There is a community watch in place and any violation of this will result in law enforcement being called and/or immediate eviction. Please note 4 wheel drive is NOT needed to get to the cabin unless there is snow on the ground.

GPS can sometimes be very spotty in the Smoky Mountains. Below you will find detailed directions to our properties just in case GPS does not work for you.

Click for Written Directions to Valley Views

When coming from Asheville on Highway 74 towards Bryson City take exit 72 for Whittier(Highway 19A) and continue to the stop sign at the end of that road(2.0 mile).  Take a right onto Ela Road(Hwy 19) at the stop sign towards Cherokee.  Drive .9 miles to take a right onto Ocona Blvd.  You will see the sign for "Ocona Lake Estates" on the right at the entrance of the neighborhood.  Once in the neighborhood continue straight at the first fork to drive up Holley Mountain Top Rd.  Continue for approximately .5 mile.  Look for sign "Valley Views" and stay right at the curve to continue on Holley Mountain Top Rd.  Look for sign "Valley Views" on the right at the top of the hill.  Cabin is a tan color with a red roof.  There is parking at the top with a staircase down or take the driveway down to the lower level parking area.  You will need 4 wheel drive if parking on the lower drive with vehicles that are not front wheel drive.  When leaving, get a slow and steady head start to avoid spinning on the gravel.  Maintain a steady and slow speed on any mountain road.


Notable Mentions

We also want to mention a few notables for any new guests that can make your entire stay a little more pleasant. Ever wonder why the area flora is so lush and green? The Great Smoky Mountains and Bryson City area are considered a temperate rain forest. So, whether you are hiking or just going for a walk around the property or in town in Bryson City it is recommended to have a light rain jacket for those short pop up showers. Be sure to check-out our Area Info page that contains an extensive list and description of our favorite things to do in the area. Please feel free to ask us any questions about excursions and other area attractions! We have also listed a few recommended readings, if you are interested, below.

Recommended Readings

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